Hiroshi Sugimoto - Seascapes

Baltic Sea , near Rügen - 1996
Ligurian Sea - Saviore - 1993

North Atlantic Ocean - Cape Breton - 1996
Hiroshi Sugimoto fala sobre "Time Exposed:

The first portfolio of seascapes I published was entitled 'Time Exposed' because time 
is revealed in the sea. When I began thinking about the seascapes I was thinking, 
what would be the most unchanged scene on the surface of the earth? Ever since 
the first men and cultures appeared, they have been facing seas and scenes of 
nature. The landscape has changed over thousands, millions of years, man has 
cultivated the ground, built cultures and cities, skyscrapers. The seascapes, I 
thought, must be the least changed scene, the oldest vision that we can share with 
ancient peoples. The sea may be polluted, but it looks approximately the same. So 
that's a very heavy time concept. People have a lot of strange ideas about my 
seascapes - they think these photographs were done using very long exposures, but 
they are in fact very fast because I wanted to stop the motion of the waves, which 
are constantly moving.

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